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Beschouwingen tijdens de terugtocht.

“A public economist is an advocate of the public’s interest in the performance of the economy. His (or her) role can be described to include the following tasks:

-to watch past and current developments with a view to discovering where economic performance falls short of generally accepted goals (i.e. to discover market failures, government failures, avoidable inefficiencies and waste);

-to dare to make forecasts of future developments, and to warn against possible market or government failures;

-to stimulate the public policy debate by stating the case for and against proposals under discussion or by suggesting superior solutions;

-to criticize the narrow view of special interest groups;

-to assess the costs and benefits of questionable government interventions with a view to their discontinuation or improvement; and

-to contribute to economic policy research by drawing lessons from current and past experience all over the world”.

Herbert Giersch,On being a public economist, lecture delivered at the prize-giving ceremony of the Paolo Baffi International Prize for Economics, 1989.